Shadow Lake [Demo]

by Shadow Lake

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donderbezem An excellent demo. Like others have said, not your typical neo-folk black metal sort of deal. Really cool to hear the bass clearly behind the acoustic riffs. Finding releases like this is what makes all the digging through bandcamp worth it. Favorite track: A Cimmerian Perdition.
Hallowed be Thy Tunes
Hallowed be Thy Tunes thumbnail
Hallowed be Thy Tunes The howling whispers of icy gales through dead forests. Delicate and grim at the same time, this demo proves an impressive start for Shadow Lake. Favorite track: A Cimmerian Perdition.
DeafestChase thumbnail
DeafestChase Acoustic black metal that's not your traditional forest folk acoustic. Fantastic stuff, brilliantly executed. 100% more black metal than many bands that use electric guitars. Akvstik.
Moody Tuner
Moody Tuner thumbnail
Moody Tuner If I was wealthy and lived in a mansion, "Shadow Lake" would be my parlor band and everyday I would come home smiling to the sound of their stripped down black metal. This "Demo" is better than some artists life work and is definitely one of the best releases I've heard in 2015. Favorite track: Serpents of Deception.
CARPAGE thumbnail
CARPAGE Shadow Lake has an acoustic black metal vibe that reminds me of the great Swedish band Lord Belial. Using acoustic leads and laying down some sweet bass lines, need a full length ASAP! Great lyrics too! Favorite track: A Cimmerian Perdition.
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After winning a treacherous war through the blizzards of Frossenmoor, Ingvar sits beside a lake under the Arctic Moon. Asmund his envious younger sibling lurking in the shadows nearby. Stalking his brother to murder him in hopes of taking the throne. Stabbing Ingvar beneath the moon so bright, casting his soul to remain beneath ice of the lake. Only the light from the Arctic Moon would be powerful enough to release his soul among the earth til the break of dawn. Asmund a great sorcerer, ruler of the secret society known as "the Coven" plead a case against Emma, Ingvar's Wife and Queen to the Empire. He plead that she would be unfit to expand the Kingdom, that the Armies of Frossenmoor would surely crumble under her command. He claims Ingvar has betrayed the Kingdom sending their armies to fight his personal squanders. Halvard, Ingvar's assistant had cloaked himself in the meeting of the Coven tries learns of their plans to set fire to the castle and murder Emma in the commotion. Halvard slips away from the meeting but gives away his identity when a guard notices him evading. Making his way out of the caverns into the forest Halvard begs for Ingvar's guidance in his struggle to try and save the Kingdom from the hands of Asmund. Suddenly the clouds part the sky and the Arctic Moon pierces the trees. Before Halvard stands the pale apparition of Ingvar, showing him the way through the forest to the castle. Halvard finds Emma in the castle in time to smell smoke pouring through the corridors. Making their way through the dungeons to freedom, Emma hands Halvard her infant son, whom is unknown to the entire Kingdom. Halvard and the child safely tucked in the shadow of night as they turn to watch Emma fall before the blade of Asmund. Halvard and the child escape into the night, to await the rise of their phoenix.


released February 24, 2015

Død Avsky - Guitars / Bass / Narrator / Drum Engineering / Synthesizer.

All songs are Written/Recorded/Mixed by: Død Avsky.
All songs played by: Død Avsky.

Live members:
Død Avsky - Narrator/ Rhythm Guitar.
Diem Exuro - Lead Guitar.
Enn Vatn - Percussion.



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Shadow Lake Cincinnati, Ohio

Souls trapped beneath the ice of Shadow Lake; Dwelling in the Moonlight.


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Track Name: Cryptic Frost
The Arctic Moon, shining bright,
Stench of Death, fills the night,
My lifeless body, buried deep
In this Cryptic Frost.

Through the ice, my cold dead eyes,
Gaze towards the sky,
My soul immersed in sorrow,
My body tossed to a pit of despair.
My screams, the wind in the trees,
My tears, falling snow.
Becoming one with this world,
My journey must be told.

"The light of the moon shining deep within the ice,
Allowing my soul to slip free into the Night."

Betrayed by Affinity, for an apocryphal cause,
Demoted of meaning, this Kingdom is caught,
In the hands of impurity, this battle we've lost.

Deprived of life, stricken down by the blade of a kinsman,
My cursed soul trapped beneath the ice of shadow lake.
Track Name: Serpents of Deception
Shadowed in Darkness, the world began distrust,
Loss of concern for my fellow man.
The truth's in my heart, we've dwindled apart,
To suffer alone in the black arts of apathy.
Come forth my children, for you have suffered enough.
I want you to see what's blatant to me,
As the lies you've learned to believe.

Your truth is shadowed in lies, buried deep within our realm of time,
Betrayed of your trust, betrayed of your innocence.
You fought to the death, but not for this kingdom,
But for the wrath of a Man.
Rise with me children, together we'll conquer this world,
We'll cast a shadow that will darken the sky, for most of this century.
Step forth, in the cover of night. March towards to castle,
The flames of a pyre, grow higher, and higher,
Lighting the Dawn of this Age.
Track Name: A Cimmerian Perdition
Flames spread to the wings of the castle,
Pummeling smoke in the corridor starts to burn our lungs,
Escaping from Åsmund's attack, He lusts control of the Kingdom,
The flames still nipping our backs, charred bone and ash we'll become,
Great Haste should be made, this kingdom shall fade,
Her son, our phoenix, will rise from the ash.

This kingdom shall reign through the reynolds in time of a cimmerian perdition, rising from the ash.

"We'll make them suffer, slain to their knees,
Soon they shall suffer, hearts filled with agony,
Her son, Our phoenix, will come to see
This House of Serpents,
This Snake they call a King"