Battle of the Northern Frostlands

by Shadow Lake

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King Modig, the great king of Frossenmoor, which spanned most of the Northern Frostlands. From Mountaintop to frozen plateaus, deep spruce forest filled with black wood down to the mouth of the bay. Beyond there a cold treacherous ocean, that would swallow hordes of men without a trace. The King had become stricken with a fever, that would inevitably bring his demise. Before his departure, he begat the throne to his youngest offspring, Ingvar; despite as lineage suggests the throne belonged to Åsmund. Modig found Åsmund to be cowardly, as Åsmund would not confront his enemies directly but through his powerful and violent sorcery. This cast a massive shadow over the kingdom, and Modig wanted a courageous and bestial warrior to stand his place.

Ingvar scorned by his brother, for a decision that was not of his own free will. He loved his brother so, and after much time separated Ingvar offered Åsmund a place as his highest advisor. Before their father’s illness, there had been tensions growing between Frossenmoor and Skognsasjon; one of the last remaining territories to complete Frossenmoor’s stretch across all of the Northern Frostlands. The armies of Frossenmoor march off to war as Ingvar takes the throne; as Åsmund devises his plan to take the kingdom that is rightfully his.

Months of treacherous battles waged on in the frozen mountaintops, when battles weren’t shedding blood; blistering wind would take the men in the dark of night. Bodies littered the snow barren valleys leading down to Skognsasjon. The cost of war weighing on Ingvar’s back to a breaking end; seeing his men, and the warriors of Skognsasjon alike scattered like a famine ridden herd. In the hopes of ending this war, Ingvar has Åsmund cloak them in the dead of night to ambush their king; forcing his surrender. The two sneak through the base of Skognsasjon’s army; easily finding their way to the King’s quarters. At blade’s end he surrenders his kingdom to the Might of Frossenmoor; sending messengers to call the surrender to the rest of his troops.

Ingvar and Åsmund climb the mountainside back to their basecamp. Ingvar scarred by the faces of the me he witnessed slain; he ventures off into the woods to collect himself. He walks mindlessly through the dense black spruce trees, as the woods begin to get less dense, he noticed a lake hidden by the tree tops. This vast lake reaching far beyond what his eyes could see even in the bright pale moonlight of the Arctic moon. The air still and lifeless; so cold he can smell death in atmosphere. Ingvar stares deep into the still waters of the lake, it’s waters blacker than darkness, nothing but his reflection can be seen. He sees himself beneath the moon, and he looks towards the sky for guidance for the winds; to hear their voices ringing in the trees. He closes his eyes, losing himself to the flora’s lullaby; as he feels his soul expand, a deep burning sinks through his chest. He opens his eyes to utter disbelief as his blood gushes down a long sliver blade, inscribed, “Stolthet, Makt, Lidenskap.” (Pride, Power, Passion). The three characteristic Modig told the brothers, a kind would possess. He had Halvard, his right-hand man smith the blade from the finest oars in Frossenmoor. His brother’s sword, this very same blade; now the first of his last sights. The blade then ripped back through his chest like Excalibur. His limp body falls into the lake, swallowed whole by it’s black waters. Åsmund above, watches as his brother’s body starts to sink beneath the surface. His hands centered in front of him; a spell he casts; the wind bellows through the trees a low roar begins to gain intensity. A layer of ice begins to grow above the lake, within moments it’s too thick to even see through. Ingvar’s body sinks beneath the Ice, looking up, he watches the moonlight grow brighter than anything he’s ever seen before in his life; The Arctic Moon.

It should be noted that if you truly want to experience the Expansion of Self listen in this precise order: B-Side I, II, III, A-Side. As that is the order in which these different takes were recorded; and the map in which you'll find yourself.


released May 20, 2017

Død Avsky: Guitars, Bass.

Written, Recorded, Produced, Poorly Mixed by: Død Avsky

Deep Ov Filsufatia: Logo.
Photo Credit: Død Avsky



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Shadow Lake Cincinnati, Ohio

Souls trapped beneath the ice of Shadow Lake; Dwelling in the Moonlight.


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